GOD Is In There

Recognizing God In All The Places God Is

If you could teach only one spiritual lesson, what would you teach?

What truth could you share that is so powerful, it would change the way others live?

There are a few core ideas that most spiritual traditions hold as true. Some believe that the most powerful and life-transforming truths are so self-evident and so obvious that all traditions agree about them.

This book contains one of those ideas.

The idea is so simple and powerful, that if it is truly understood and lived by all, the world can only be a peaceful, loving, and joyful place.

Our inability to understand and live this idea is a primary cause for all the war, separation, division, hatred, violence, and misery in the world.

The only question that remains is when or if we will come to our senses and embrace this simple, powerful, and world-transforming idea.

Are you willing to consider a new idea if it could make the world an infinitely better place?

The direction of our world may depend on it.

Coming in February, 2017

Thank You!